Membership Process and Costs
Process for Joining - it's as easy as 1-2-3!
  1.  Visit one of our meetings, so you can get to know us. Meetings are an important (and fun) part of Rotary.
  2.  Submit a New Membership Application by email to or simply bring it to one of our meetings.
  3.  Ask any member to be your sponsor  (If you do not know a member, we will partner you with someone).
What happens next:
  • You will have a short meeting with our Membership Chairperson.
  • Our Board will review your application at their next monthly meeting.
  • You are on your way to becoming a Rotarian!
Individual Membership Costs 
It doesn't cost much at all to be a member of Toms River Rotary:
  • Initial Membership Fee (includes Rotary shirt, name badge & pin):      $50.00
  • Quarterly Dues (includes monthly Rotary Magazine subscription):      $50.00
  • Delicious weekly Dinners (includes beverage & gratuity):                       $25.00
Corporate / Family Memberships:
  • First member is the same as an Individual Member above
  • Additional Members only pay the Initial Membership Fee and 1/2 Quarterly Dues above
  • Additional Member Dinners are billed when they attend
Optional Opportunities:
  • Participation in social events, sponsorships, fundraisers, and raffles 
  • Support the Toms River Rotary Club Foundation (tax deductible)
  • Support the Rotary International Foundation (tax deductible)
  • Dues are billed quarterly.  Dinners are billed monthly. 
  • Upon joining your dues may be pro-rated based on your date of membership.